Dr. Karl Krantz

Bringing Madison Residents the Best in Chiropractic Care Since 2000.

My Chiropractic Journey

For 3 years I suffered from severe sinus infections. After I passed out from my prescription medicine, my parents took me to a chiropractor. That’s when my road to health began.

I was 14 when that happened. I remember my first chiropractic adjustment and how I immediately felt my sinuses draining. Relief was sweet! From that point on I never took any more medication for sinus problems. I went to the chiropractor for anything from a sprained ankle to a headache. My mentor for chiropractic was my brother-in-law. I watched his journey and knew that chiropractic was not just a career, but more of a calling. I knew that I could help people.

Chiropractic Education

I completed my pre-chiropractic studies at the University of Minnesota prior to beginning my education at Northwestern College of Chiropractic. I chose this college for it’s outstanding excellence in education. The educational process was grueling, yet unbelievably rewarding. I had the ability to do my internship at Northwestern Health Science’s pediatric and obstetric clinic. This led me on the path to having a general family practice, with an emphasis on women and children.

Practice Philosophy

My philosophy is based on the balance between mind, body and spirit. I obviously focus on the body. Specifically helping your body be free from nerve interference by identifying and correcting subluxations (misalignments) in your spine. I truly believe God designed our body to function optimally, yet most Americans accept a life of ill health, never knowing what true health is. I love to see the changes in people’s lives when their body is functioning well. The most exciting changes are in infants and children. With our care being tailor made to their size, their bodies respond very fast. Parents are always amazed, and thankful.

A Little About Me

My wife and I have 7 children. Yes, seven! Obviously with all their activities someone always benefits from chiropractic care. My children have always received chiropractic care within minutes after birth. That way I’m sure they did not suffer any spinal stresses during the birth process. During each pregnancy, my wife has received chiropractic care to ensure a healthy pregnancy. As you can imagine, our lives are very busy yet incredibly rewarding. Between school, church, sports activities of all kinds, etc., our family is always on the go. I am so proud of my family. It’s through them, that I am the doctor that you know.

I personally receive chiropractic care at a minimum of 1 time per week. Each week I meet with a personal trainer in order to help me stay strong and balanced. My diet is always in need of monitoring. I have an advanced certification in nutrition, which helps me stay one step ahead of the trends. Yet I also meet with our nutritional doctor who further coaches me on my diet. The effort is worth it. 40 and fit! That’s what I’m shooting for. I’m happy to say the my family believes wellness comes from within; therefore drugs and surgery are always our last resort. We believe, and have proven, that our bodies will function optimally without the interference of drugs or vaccines. Don’t get me wrong, health is an ever-evolving process for our family, but it’s worth it!

Enough about me! How can we help you with today’s safe and natural chiropractic care? Give us a call so we can help you take your first step towards better health.