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Meet Our Chiropractors in Middleton

Dr. Karl Krantz

Chiropractor in Middleton Dr. Karl Krantz

Dr. Karl Krantz

For 3 years I suffered from severe sinus infections. After I passed out from my prescription medicine, my parents took me to a chiropractor. That’s when my road to health began.

I was 14 when that happened. I remember my first chiropractic adjustment and how I immediately felt my sinuses draining. Relief was sweet! From that point on I never took any more medication for sinus problems. I went to the chiropractor for anything from a sprained ankle to a headache. My mentor for chiropractic was my brother-in-law. I watched his journey and knew that chiropractic was not just a career, but more of a calling. I knew that I could help people.

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Dr. Todd Bauer

Dr. Todd Bauer photo

Dr. Todd Bauer

Dr. Todd Bauer’s first chiropractic experience happened after pulling a muscle playing Little League baseball at age 11. The chiropractor gave him instructions on how to massage, ice and stretch the muscle and also gave Dr. Todd his first adjustment. From then on he visited the chiropractor every couple weeks for a “tune-up”. At the time, he didn’t realize what a wonderful thing he was doing for himself, he just liked going. He did have his fair share of athletic injuries and chiropractic care helped him recover quicker.

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