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Chiropractor in Middleton :: Dr. Todd J. Bauer

My Chiropractic Journey

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Dr. Todd Bauer

My first chiropractic experience happened after pulling a muscle playing Little League baseball at age 11. The chiropractor gave my instructions on how to massage, ice and stretch the muscle and also gave me my first adjustment. From then on I visited the chiropractor every couple weeks for a “tune-up”. At the time, I didn’t realize what a wonderful thing I was doing for myself, I just liked going. I did have my fair share of athletic injuries and chiropractic care helped me recover quicker.

It wasn’t until immunology class at Chiropractic College that I learned and truly understood why my regular visits where so important. It was there I learned that our body’s defense system, the immune system, is controlled by the nervous system. And by getting adjusted regularly, my body was better equipped to fight all the germs a child and teenager encounter at school. I feel my regular chiropractic care was the reason why I didn’t miss a day of school due to illness from 6th grade until the day I graduated from high school.

Chiropractic Education

I completed my undergraduate studies at University of Wisconsin – Whitewater and graduated with honors in 2000. I attended Palmer College of Chiropractic, “The Fountainhead of Chiropractic”, in Davenport, Iowa where chiropractic was founded in 1895 and is the oldest chiropractic college in the world. While attending Palmer, I had the privilege of participating in the Clinic Abroad Program and was able to bring chiropractic care to the people of Cochabamba, Bolivia. I graduated in 2004 with honors and returned to Wisconsin to practice. Since graduating, I have continued my education and received training in multiple adjusting techniques, soft tissue treatment (Active Release Technique-ART), Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJD), nutrition and posture.

Practice Philosophy

I believe being healthy is simple, but not easy. It is simple because all you have to do is eat right, move right and think right. However, it is not easy because all the modern conveniences we have grown to love and rely on have us eating unhealthy food, not moving and thinking negatively. Poor lifestyle choices puts a lot of stress on the body and that is what leads us to chiropractic. Stress causes interference (subluxations) in our nervous system. Our nervous system not only controls and coordinates all functions in the body, but it is also how we view the world around us.

My focus for care works on two fronts. First, with gentle and safe chiropractic care we work to remove the interference to the nervous system so that the body functions optimally. Second, we need to address the lifestyle factors that are stressing the body negatively and remove them to the degree that we can. By doing so we give the body the best chance to be healthy.

I enjoy the challenge of treating patients of all ages, but particularly like helping athletes achieve higher levels of performance.

A Little About Me

My wife and I have two fantastic children. We live in the Wisconsin Dells area, so there is never a shortage of things to do. I very much enjoy the outdoors and can be found enjoying it either searching for a little white golf ball or floating on the water trying to convince fish their hungry. We like traveling and hope to make more time to do so in the future.

My quest for health includes weekly check-ups with my chiropractor. I do aerobic and resistance training 4-5 days a week and eat enough salad to choke a horse. Once while checking out at the grocery store the clerk asked if I owned a restaurant because of the amount or lettuce I bought.

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